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An overview of work from different artists

Marianne Baan

Marianne BaanWatercolor, acrylic and other materials

Marianne "draws" directly with the raw material she works with and lets the paint flow inspire and lead her. Organic and abstract motifs emerge from working with the erratic movement of paint. Her sources of inspiration are music, nature and societal dynamics. She explains: Choosing color, material and subject is a creative process meant to reflect what inspires me and at the same time to create viewers' awareness and inspiration. This interactive creative process enables her to capture and respond to the moment which explains the dynamics in her work. Her work is mostly abstract which is meant to give utmost freedom to create and to stay as close as possible to what inspires her.

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  • Golden lining of life
  • Dynamic Woman (2)
  • Starry, starry night (inspired by Vincent van Gogh)
  • Entangled in a world beyond words
  • The sun will shine forever
  • Landscape
  • Hope in moments of despair
  • Sunflowers
  • Woman
  • Fflags of Freedom
  • On the waves of peace
  • Without Title
  • Moonlight Serenade
  • Landscape
  • Let it be
  • The Lonely Cyclist | De eenzame fietser
  • Floating in Green
  • Abandoned building
Ivonne Baan

Ivonne BaanTextile techniques and other materials

Ivonne creates her HAPPY HEARTS by transforming simple everyday life events into meaningful and impactful memories .The passion with which Ivonne handcrafts these very beautiful pieces of art is Heartfelt and inspirational. The double-sided decorated pieces of art are unique and for sure will make you or this special person you will give it to feel Happy at Heart.

  • Lost in the Wind
  • Heart of Innocence
  • RED SAND 13 x 13 cm € 20,-.
  • La Dolce Vita
  • Heart of Ocean Pearls
  • Heart of Purple Rose
  • Magical Power
  • Somewhere between earth & sky
  • Light of Hope-a
  • Desert Flower
Theo Selen

Theo Selenwatercolors, sculptures, design of glass in led windows, restauration work

Theo Selen is a very versatile artist. For many years he has been active creating  watercolors, sculptures, design for glass in lead windows, interior design. He also makes portraits on demand and on a regular basis he creates decorations, wallpaintings, wood imitations and gold leaf applications in interiors. 

In his professional workshop he restores antique artwork, sculptures, oil paintings, panels and works on paper .

Theo Selen also organizes lectures and workshops in various different creative techniques and leads workshops in various forms of art.  

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  • Object 1
  • Object 2
  • Object 3
  • Object 4
  • Object 5
  • Object 7
  • Object 8
  • Object 10
  • Object 11
  • Bokrijk
  • Vernist
  • Nude

Marianne Baan - on sale from private collectionLyda Dirkse | Jelle Leek | Ceramics and glass | bronze and glass

Lyda Dirkse
Is inspired by old cultures and mystics and inspiration from personal emotions. Her art is modern and also points back to ancient cultures.
Jelle Leek
The glass objects made by Jelle Leek distinguish themselves by their serene atmosphere. The combination of brons and stone indicate the vulnarability.

  • Sunboat - Lyda Dirkse
  • Za Hara - Lyda Dirkse
  • The Old Mirror - Jelle Leek
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