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Changing Perspectives & Coaching

From our passion and creativity we strive to clarify purpose and identity. From my Human Resouces craftsmanship I provide special moments in individual processes.

We think and speak in images, colours and forms.

Key elements:

  • from our passion and creativity we stimulate

  • insight and create learning moments; we 

  • stand out in originality and quality


Who is the target group?

  • executives

  • influential leaders

  • young, starting business people



Six ways to refresh your CV (from: The Guardian Careers)

Six ways to refresh your CV for 2014

If the new year has got you considering a new job, here are some key updates for your CV and covering letter

What is specific in e-Coaching?

In the past years I have developed a method where I use elements of the NLP Meta-program method learned in the workshops I followed with NLP experts Robert Dilts & Rodger Bailey (USA). 

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