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Changing Perceptions through a Good Conversation


It is my mission to provide special moments in your individual process. Starting point is that you feel heard and listened to. Together we will listen and speak about what keeps your mind and heart busy and how you can create your own breakthrough moments .

Key elements in our Good Conversation:

  • You feel fully heard and listened to

  • You can enjoy a pleasant & balanced surrounding

  • Insights are stimulated 

  • Together we will create learning moments

  • Key is the heart leading to the mind 

Do you resonate with the above approach, then you are possibly ready for a Good Conversation as described. May I then invite and welcome you most cordially?


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What is specific in e-Coaching?

In the past years I have developed a method where I use elements of the NLP Meta-program method learned in the workshops I followed with NLP experts Robert Dilts & Rodger Bailey (USA). 

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