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About Marianne

For over 20 years Marianne Baan built a broad functional expertise in International Human Resources Management. Her focus is primarily on Empowerment of People and more specifically on Women in leadership roles. All those years she has worked in a fascinating multicultural, international and dynamic environment. She has worked in a wide range of Branded Business eg Pharmaceutical, Automotive, Logistics, IT, FMCG. She is characterized by a balanced strategic, operational, creative and people oriented approach.

Working Method Holistic-Resonance Counseling 
About 10 Years ago she shifted her field of work and started to focus more and more on Holistic-Resonance Counseling. It is during this period that she became inspired in how Art, Sound and Color can play a valuable role in restoring the natural self-healing capacity. In her Practice she uses a number of methods and techniques including NLP, Reiki and Tibetan Singing Bowls.

Workshop Intuitive Painting

After publishing her book LOTUS with heart and soul, she received regular requests for these workshops. This activity is in development.

Relevant Education

* Master Level Change Management
* Business Administration (IBO Zeist, Netherlands)
* Reiki Practitioner Certified (Usui lineage)
* Certified NLP Practitioner (Institute for Eclectic Psychology)
* INSEAD International HR-module of MBA Programme (Fontainebleau, France)
* Industrial & Organizational Psychology - selected curricula
* IMD Seminar Strategic Leadership for Women (Switzerland)
* Personal Training Tibetan Singing Bowls Ohmpunctuur Academy
* Sound as Medicine (Klank als medicijn) Ohmpunctuur Academy Module 1
* Dharma of Sound (Ohmpunctuur Academy)


Marianne as artist

Marianne "draws" directly with the raw material she works with and lets the paint-flow and material inspire and lead her. Organic and abstract motifs emerge from working with the erratic movement of paint.

Her sources of inspiration are music, nature and societal dynamics. She explains: Choosing color, material and subject is a creative process meant to reflect what inspires me and at the same time to create viewers' awareness and inspiration. This interactive creative manifestation enables her to capture and respond to the moment which explains the dynamics in her work.

Her work balances on the edge of figurative and abstract. This is meant to challenge the viewer and to appeal to freedom of new creative manifestations to emerge while at the same moment reflecting universal reality.

Individual expositions:
KEMPENHOF, Valkenswaard (Nederland)
TECNO, Avenue Louise, Brussels (Belgium)
ICI, Everberg (Belgium)
STOLZ, Erps-Kwerps (Belgium)

Group expositions:
Gallery Leopold, Maaseik (Belgium)
Parkfeesten, Sterrebeek (Belgium)
International Kunstmanifestatie "Deviant" Maaseik (Belgium)

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