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Back to the source through Holistic Counseling

Do you feel that in some areas of your body the energy is blocked and is preventing you from functioning as you would like to? Then we might be able to support you in the process of your development and transformation so you can regain your energy flow.

Our approach focusses on obtaining insight in the energy you feel is blocked. Together we will trace these blockages and transformation will let you experience the natural flow of energy back in your life again.

Blocked energy is very often a result of deep patterns which once served you but at this phase in your life are no longer very usefull for you. Clear insight in these patterns is the starting point to let your energy flow again.

Do you resonate with the above approach and are you ready for a next step? Please feel welcome to contact us.

Your investment  in a  30 minutes session is Euro 60,00 (including 21% VAT)

LOTUS with heart and soul

In October 2023 LECTURIS published my book LOTUS with heart and soul. It contains 60 Dutch poems and 60 paintings. 

What can you expect?

Horizon's method of working focuses mainly on supporting and restoring your self-healing capacity.

With the help of a short (NLP-method) intake - possibly with the help of Tibetan singing bowls - it becomes clear where stuck energy is currently causing a blockage in your body. Blockages in your body can cause diseases, especially if they last a long time. Your energy flow is then cut off, so that your natural body's self-healing capacity cannot to its work optimally.

We use  sound and/or images that resonate with you and activate cells in your body. This gives your body the opprtunity to regain its natural balance, allowing your body to tap into its self-healing capacity (again).


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